We have a track record of creating entertaining, challenging, creative and highly effective series and films.


We are also passionate about making documentaries and commercials that offer an insight into the soul of your business.


We understand that Quality is the most important facet of this Industry and we assure it.

Welcome to Fast Track Productions

Fast Track Productions Ltd is an audio visual company that started in 2009,
to provide local content in the film and broadcasting industry in Uganda.
Its our ambition to produce content that is tailored to the African continent.

So far we have produced "The Hostel", a Ugandan trail blazer, a continental phenomenon
and a successful drama comedy. We have developed a template to produce quality and high frequency programmes.

Our Vision And Mission

To produce quality shows of different genres by blending creativity,
innovation, technology and skills in an environment of robust corporate culture.

Our Mission

We will lead by producing high quality content, supported by a strong base of technology, creativity and production skills.

Best Solutions & Approaches

To Provide the Best Solutions and Approaches to Production and Entertainment suited to our Clients

We are ambitious, fearless, passionate about people, ideas, customers, technology and ultimately results"

- Richard Geria -

Our Services

We do things differently providing key production services.
Focused on helping our clients to build a successful business in production and film.

TV/ Shows

We have produced Hit Shows like "The Hostel" Seasons 1 - 4 and upcoming shows like "5@Home" and "Are you not a man?"


We have produced quality Documentaries for our Clients. The latest one being BMCT


We develop professional commercial concepts for your business that captures exactly the story YOU want to tell.


We create modern films to captivate your audience and share with participants and sponsors.

Some Of Our Clients

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For documentary, series, commercial, film productions, or you need to get in touch with us!

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